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Trading Bitcoin with Global CFD

Bitcoin and the Blockchain is one of the most exciting and influential developments in our lifetime. We are proud to offer the opportunity for you to trade Bitcoin CFDs against the US Dollar.

As a trader, you are already aware of the fact that to trade a financial product, you need the ability to chart, excellent price feeds and a reliable trading platform. The best scenario for a trader is to have access to all three plus the volatility of the product you are trading.

Over the last few years, Bitcoin has become one of the hottest trading instruments for active traders. Not only has the price been volatile, but it has trended from under $1,000USD to over $4,000USD in less than 6 months.

Global CFD now allows the opportunity to trade Bitcoin CFDs vs the US Dollar, without the need for a Bitcoin wallet. You can now concentrate on your trading method and the price movements without the need for extra identification requirements and digital wallets.

Here are the main benefits of trading Bitcoin CFDs with Global CFD

  • You can trade Bitcoin CFDs with up to 50 to 1 leverage
  • Position sizes can be as small as $100 in your currency
  • There are no commissions when trading Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency on the Global CFD platform
  • Access the Bitcoin market 24/7
  • Trade Bitcoin CFDs using the world’s best FX platform, MetaTrader 4
  • Ultra-competitive spreads from just $20
  • You do not need a digital wallet to trade Bitcoin CFDs

Basics of a Bitcoin trade

If you wanted to trade Bitcoin versus the US dollar (BTCUSD) and you thought it was going to go higher, you would buy Bitcoin at market.

As of the 25th of August 2017, BTCUSD was trading at 4,340/4,360.

The bid price was 4,340, and the ask price was 4,360. The spread is the difference between the two prices, in this case, 20 points.

If you wanted to buy Bitcoin, you would buy at the first selling price, which is 4,360.

If you wanted to close the position, you would sell it at the first available bid price, which is 4,340.
$0-$50,000 – 2% $50,001 – $250,000 3% $250k and up – 5% Max trade size – $5 million notional.

Get started today with Global CFD and experience the difference.

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