Open Live Account - Corporate

1. Company Details

2. Contact Details

3. Financial Information

Source of Funds To Open The Account

4. Bank Account Details

Account Type

5. Type of Account

Account Currency

6. Trading Experience

In which of the following instruments have you previously traded
Securities / EquitiesFuturesInterest Rates / BondsCommodities and MetalsCurrenciesOptions and Warrants

Frequency of Trading

Securities / Equities (knowledge and understanding)

Futures (knowledge and understanding)

Options (knowledge and understanding)

Currencies (knowledge and understanding)

Do you understand margin trading and the risks involved in margin trading?

Trading Objectives
To achieve speculative gainsFor hedging purposesFor capital growth over the medium to long termFor income

Risk Tolerance

7. DECLARATIONS (please ensure that the form is completely filled and duly signed)

I hereby represent and warrant that:

(a) I understand that while there will inevitably be an element of advice provided in some of the services which you offer, this advice will not include or consist of advisory of discretionary business unless specifically agreed with me upon separate terms. I understand that unless I have agreed to separate terms for advisory or discretionary business the service will be of an execution only nature;

(b) I have read and understood the Execution Policy and consent to the policy set out therein;

(c) I have read and understood the Risk Warning and confirm that I understand the nature and risks of equities, CFDs, forex, futures and options trading;

(d) The information provided by me in this form is true and accurate and I will promptly notify you in writing if any of the representations materially change or cease to be true and accurate;

(e) I have read and understood and hereby confirm I am legally bound by the Agreement which this Form and the relevant Terms of Business together shall constitute one and the same instrument